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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Why Students Should Consider Focusing on Artificial Intelligence

The world of work is changing, and though there are fears that AI technology will result in some jobs being lost to technology, Artificial Intelligence is bringing with it a whole host of new careers. Dr. Richard Watson, senior lecturer in electronics and computer science at the University of Southampton said, “Studying AI is perfect for students who can solve problems in abstract ways and devise new angles. But AI is also about learning techniques of advanced
computer science, so students should have a broad education in computer science before they tackle it.” Students who want to enter the world of work should consider focusing their attention on AI. Whether we like it or not, it is the future.

Here are a couple ways that Artificial Intelligence is changing jobs and work and why students and graduates may want to enter this field.

Potential jobs and salaries
Studying or having a background in artificial intelligence can lead to all sorts of potential jobs. You can end up in IT consultancy roles or learn from and grow your career within one of the big name companies, such Microsoft or Google. There are so many opportunities out there, that there is surely one that draws your interest and speaks your language. You could jumpstart your career as a data scientist, in data engineering or even in an entry-level computer programming/information systems job. Since there is so much work and money going into artificial intelligence, the payoff and benefits can certainly be well worth looking into the field for. To start, a graduate data scientist for example, earns anywhere between £25,000 to £50,000. With room for development, for both the professional and artificial intelligence space, the potential for a salary is great. If you enjoy being in a smaller environment that is quick to react and grow, a start-up could be the perfect environment for you. You can wear different hats and even find a team that focuses on delivering one aspect of artificial intelligence.  

How businesses use AI in current day
Artificial intelligence is also changing the way that businesses operate and how employees are able to get work done. Spotify, for example, aims to improve its content recommendations and targeted advertisements by leveraging artificial intelligence. Other companies such as Expert System use keyword extraction in order to work with text in a more efficient manner. Instead of sifting through text manually, artificial intelligence helps group similar content and is able to tell whether something is worth the time it would take to read. Businesses are constantly learning new ways to use artificial intelligence and being a part of this space means staying up to date with and getting to experience the newest technology.

For those who are tech minded, it would be crazy to avoid the topic of artificial intelligence, as you will find yourself left behind. It is not all the dark and dangerous artificial technology of Hollywood movies, but it is just as fascinating. As students, so many doors are open to new ways of thinking and developments. This is certainly one of those opportunities. So why not consider focusing on artificial intelligence and bring your knowledge and unique mind-set into this space. 

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