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Friday, 17 February 2017

Skills You'll Need When Working Your Way through University

With the ever-increasing cost of going to university, students are literally being forced to carry some of the financial burden for their parents. Are you looking for work to help pay the costs? Here are a few skills you’ll likely need to get a job prior to getting that degree.

Driving Is Always Useful

One of the things which so many university students have difficulty with is buckling down to a mundane job with few challenges and little room for any physical activity. At this point in your life you are still sitting behind a book or computer many hours out of every day and so you want something with a little more action. For this reason, students often find jobs as delivery drivers because they get to stay out and about for at least six hours on a workday. Don’t have a licence? Pick up a manual and start studying for the written theory portion. Take practice exams on sites like Top Tests, and before you know it you’ll be ready for the practical driving test.

Telephone Skills

There are many call centres around the UK just looking for young people who have some techie type skills to man the phones. Some are customer service centres and others are tech departments where customers can phone in with enquiries on everything from operating that new digital pressure cooker to mounting that huge flat screen television to the wall. Most businesses like to hire college students for call centres for a number of reasons. While they are typically just looking for an income to make it through school years, they are not looking for a career. That’s pretty reasonable for a call centre as there aren’t too many positions up the ladder except perhaps team leader or floor manager. If you have any telephone skills at all, working in a call centre would give you the income you need without stressing you to overachieve.

Soft Skills Are a Plus

Formerly referred to as ‘people skills,’ a student who is personable with great communication skills can find a job working in anything from customer service to clerking in a local food mart. There are so many jobs open to someone with a wide array of soft skills that this is something you should emphasise on any application you submit. Personable young students can find a job easily if they are not looking to start their careers just yet.

If you had to sum up what you’d need to find a job while in university, look to getting your driving licence and hone up on your people skills. From there, your choices will be many. Make the right one and you might even find a job in your chosen field! Wouldn’t that be a nice way to see if this is the industry you want to spend the rest of your life in? Either way, learn to drive and work on your communication skills and that job is all yours for the taking.

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