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Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Many Benefits of Part-time Catering Work For Students

There are plenty of part-time job options available to students in need of extra money, but the most flexible, well-paid of all these is working within the catering industry. Regardless of whether a student is self-employed or is working as a member of a team, they will be guaranteed a good wage with plenty of benefits.

With accommodation and tuition fees higher than ever it's no secret that a student-loan is barely enough to allow students an experience of university that will let them take care of their living expenses while enjoying the social side of university life.

The flexible nature of catering roles can be arranged so they don't interfere with study time. Catering
jobs can also be arranged at short notice, allowing a student to comfortably fit their work around studying.

Skills beyond the catering industry

Working a part-time catering job provides numerous skills that can translate to many different areas of customer service, preparing them for a career in positions that involve direct interaction with the public, such as marketing and human resources careers.

Having this experience is also an instrumental way to help a graduate stand out from their peers once they enter the working world. A background in catering shows self-discipline and responsibility, especially as they handled such duties while still at university.

Learn valuable responsibilities

Another great benefit of working within the catering sector is the exposure to different event types. These different occasions require a worker to cater their demeanour in opposing professional attitudes. For example, catering at a wedding will require a jovial professionalism completely at odds with the necessary conduct of serving at a funeral.

The ability to adapt behaviour to the different tones of various occasions shows that a candidate has the skills to work in a variety of environments, thereby demonstrating greater ability for client interaction.

Climbing the industry ladder
A career in catering may sound pretty standard, but there are opportunities available that reach far beyond basic waiting roles should a graduate wish to climb the career ladder within the industry.

Many employees who start off as part-time waiting assistants later progress into high level employment roles, such as executive and managerial roles. This wealth of opportunity can give a graduate numerous directions in which to explore their career.

Other benefits available

In addition to boasting career benefits within the catering industry, part-time catering work has opportunities of other kinds too. Students will regularly find themselves working alongside other students in the same position as them, helping them to establish long-lasting friendships that evolve as they learn and work together.

Having catering experience is also brilliant if a student plans to spend a gap year travelling and wants to work during their travels, as catering jobs are a valuable means of finding temporary work.

Even if a student chooses not to further their career in catering, there are skills they can gain from the industry that will enhance their lives forever. This includes gaining knowledge of how to professionally serve various kinds of food, learning how to mix cocktails, and understanding the best way to organise parties.

The benefit of joining a catering agency

Finding part-time catering work is not difficult when a student joins a catering agency. These organisations appreciate the individual needs of staff and know how to arrange a candidate's work schedule so that it fits around their studies while leaving plenty of time for a private life.

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