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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Need to Retake Your A Levels? Choose Boarding College Study

Now that teenagers across Britain have finished their A level exams all that's left is for them to open those dreaded brown envelopes on results day in August.

A huge amount of pressure is placed on young people to do well during their studies and A Level period is arguably the most stressful of all, with future university study hanging in the balance.

Many students find themselves in a mind-set where their results seem to determine their entire future. What they are not told is that second chances are always available should they need them. It's never too late to try again.

The notion that a student's future should rest upon how they perform during one period of study is
both widely exaggerated and a potentially dangerous idea to put into a young person's head.

There are always going to be a few students who don't achieve the results they desire, and this could very well be because of circumstances beyond their control. Their study time could have been affected by a personal circumstance like a family issue, or it might just be that a school environment was too distracting for them to fully concentrate and as a result they didn't perform as well as they could of.

No matter what the reason for failing A Levels, enrolling in an A Level retake programme can be the simple solution to the problem.

The advantages of A Level Retakes

Retaking A Levels can make all the difference to a student's future. When an employer sees that a student has passed their A Levels on a second attempt it immediately reveals a certain level of academic capability.

When making an application for a university place or a job, retaking A Levels shows that a candidate is determined to succeed and has a strong work ethic towards reaching their goals. The value of such persistence can also set a student apart from their peers.

The boarding college experience

There are many different places for a student to retake their A Levels, and one of the most popular places to do so in recent years is to enrol in a boarding college.

A boarding college environment is not the same as a school or traditional college as boarding colleges provides an experience similar to that of university study where students live in campus halls.

This experience is ideal for students hoping to attend university after their A Levels because it's ideal for preparing for university life, which will ultimately give them an advantage of other university students who will be new to the lifestyle. Experiencing a university aesthetic early can also allow a student to decide whether this lifestyle is right for them while they study.

It should be noted that boarding colleges are very different to boarding schools. There are no strict regiments and there is a generally relaxed approach to studying which requires students to be self-disciplined in regards to attending classes, much like a university does.

Boarding colleges also boast an excellent range of amenities that benefit both a student's studies while allowing them to socialise with their peers. This can include facilities like cinemas, gyms, sports grounds, and art studios.

Study new subjects

Arguably the best parts of undertaking a course in A Level retakes is the chance to study new subjects different to those studied on the first A Level attempt .This is valuable because it not only allows a student to get a better idea of what their academic strengths are in preparation for the course they study at university, but it also allows them to avoid the issue of studying subjects they previously struggled with.

International students

One great benefit of boarding college study is the opportunity to mix with students from all over the globe, as these institutions attract students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Retaking A Levels can be the best decision a student ever makes. The disappointment of failing can be turned into an amazing experience that will give direction to a student's life and provide them with some truly memorable experiences.

Boarding colleges are recruiting now for September 2015 study.

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