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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easy ways to supplement your student income

We all know that being a student can be something of a financial headache. With the rising costs of tuition fees, expensive textbooks and all of those enticing entertainment options, it can leave us feeling a little stretched!

However, there are some ways that you can earn money as a student without necessarily having to take a full-time job. It’s about finding a balance between your studies and getting work that is flexible enough to fit around your schedule.

So here are a few ideas that could bring in a bit of extra cash.

Freelance writing

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There are many firms out there that offer good incentives for students to become freelance writers for a variety of projects. By being able to work when you want you’ll be able to focus on your studies, and the writing projects will also give you a little bit of practice with your essays. This article provides a little more information about freelance writing.

Online activity

Whilst it may seem like a bit of harmless fun, spending your time online wisely can hold real financial rewards.

Whether it be through using your knowledge to provide handy Youtube tutorials that can then be monetised through Adsense, or even creating a blog that reaches a specialised audience, there is real money to be made online.

If that sounds like too much like hard work, then it’s important to understand the importance of mixing business with pleasure. Going online and checking out some live casino games where the action is broadcast directly into your home is a great way to unwind. You could even be working and have the live casino open in another window on your PC, so that you can always keep up with the gaming action!


And then there’s the somewhat more traditional way of boosting your student income – babysitting. This can be a reliable and stimulating method of working. There are helpful government websites that can help you understand the process of becoming a registered child-minder, and also provide you with links to professional babysitting associations.


Another traditional way for students to enter the working world easily is that of tutoring. Student tutoring is in high demand as younger students will always be keen to learn the study methods of those who have successfully navigated the examination process.

This has led to a boom in home tuition as 23% of 11 to 16 year olds in the UK now receive home tuition. So not only can this earn you as much as £40 per hour session, but it can act as helpful revision tool too!

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