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Monday, 23 February 2015

Looking for a career solution as student? Try freelancing

Looking for a career solution as student?

After the recession, many people who had previously only known life as an employee were forced to diversify. This resulted in a workforce alive to the possibilities of freelancing, aware of their talents, and willing to capitalise on them. It also meant that companies had to adjust their attitude to outsourcing work. This increased flexibility has benefitted both parties. The good news for students is that you might not necessarily have to don a crusty apron and dish out cappuccinos for the next few years to supplement your student loan: there are now plenty of opportunities to freelance. So what do you need to work from home, and what needs to be remembered?

The set up

In order to freelance successfully, you don’t need any specialist equipment; just the basics. First and foremost, you’ll need reliable, affordable internet, so explore the broadband and phone deals on offer to your business premises (okay: crumbling student flat!) and be prepared to negotiate for the best price. It will stand you in good stead for when you’re trying to negotiate your fees with clients. You’ll also need a cheap but reliable laptop, and, crucially, some clients with which to negotiate.

Prospect, hard

Compile a list of viable companies that might need your services, and apply speculatively. Whether your skillset is in writing, graphic design or programming, know what you can bring to a potential employer, and make sure you can articulate it, fast. Phone first in order to introduce yourself and identify the person in the company to whom you should direct your enquiry, and if you can, speak to them directly. Follow up immediately with an email. If you’re meeting with some resistance, offer to complete your first assignment pro-bono, and include samples of your work to back up your claims.

Prove your worth

Congratulations: you’ve received your first assignment. Now the hard graft really begins. It goes without saying that you should treat freelance work as you would any employment. Complete the tasks at hand in a timely manner, and you will excel, and win more work. Slack off, fail to meet deadlines and prove yourself unreliable, and the damage to your earnings can be catastrophic. It’s up to you.

Keep yourself on the right side of the law

The great thing about working while you’re a student is that you probably won’t have to pay taxes on your freelancing work. However, you still need to declare your earnings and keep records of your business incomings and outgoings. This is excellent business practice, and will equip you with a gamut of skills like accounting and invoicing with which you can impress future employers after you graduate.

With a bit of hard work, networking and a good internet connection, you will find yourself escaping the dreaded student overdraft quicker than you first thought.

Friday, 6 February 2015

7 Tips for Writing Marketing Papers

Marketing needs must be fresh and enticing if you really want to attract your potential customers with marketing papers. Anyone can write a marketing paper if they follow these tips. You might have seen lots of marketing material and from the writing skills you can get an idea whether you are impressed or not. Whether it is an email, a brochure, an article or anything else, writing marketing material is always a daunting process. Here are 7 tips that will help you write effectively.

1. Determine the needs of customers
First of all you will have to find out what your potential clients want. There are so many tools such as Word cracker,, Amazon and many others that will help you determine your market and your customer’s needs. These are effective tools that will help you to know what is required and after that you can begin to charm your audience!

2. Start with the headline
All marketing materials need a headline. This is one of the most important components that will introduce your clients to your content and will also build up or lose interest among them. From here the reading needs to continue. After figuring out your potential clients’ needs you can address them with the headline of your content. “How to”, “10 tips”, “you must” are going to make attractive headlines.

3. Express compassion
Your content must be clear and should be capable of showing your desires and feelings. This is one single step that is going a very long what with your readers. One of the best ways to create compassion is write a story and relate your prospects to it.

4. Offer value
Humans tend to be selfish. You can use this to your advantages by offering valuable information. Make sure that it is unique and difficult to find anywhere else.

5. Incorporate proof elements
This step is going to build more and more confidence among the prospects and you can use success stories, statistics guarantees and testimonials. This will help in getting them to an informed decision. Your services and products should provide them with the proof of why they are best in the market.

6. Call to action
There is nothing that you can assume in business and you can never assume that you know what your prospects want to do next. This is the reason where it becomes important to provide them with a direct command and also make sure that you tell them the benefits of that action in your marketing paper if they choose to take that action.

7. Lead the competition
When you write marketing papers make sure that you are not limiting them. This is not just a standalone paper but a way to attract your clients. The more you write the more they will read. You must provide them with space and explain everything about your services, products, and call them to action. True prospects are always going to go through the entire content because they genuinely want interesting and useful information that meets their requirements and needs. If you are struggling you can also take professional help with customised articles from somewhere like