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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Considering London? Make sure you know your options

When it comes to choosing where you study in London, there's so much to think about. Do you want to be central, or on the outskirts? Should you decide on where to go based on the course alone? Do the institution's facilities make a difference? With so much swimming around your brain at this time of year, the London School of Business and Finance gives the low down on shopping around for the best education for you.

London - a city of opportunity, the financial hub of the country, and one of the best places to study. But with such a big city come so many options for education, but most importantly, it's your decision. Make sure you've had a look at all the possibilities, visited a few places and had a good chat with your friends and family about it too. Let's have a look at some of the options:

The Big Three

If you're looking at a bigger institution, the London School of Economics scores highly in the league tables, with Imperial College London and University College London closely following. Bigger places such as these boast thousands of students, and tend to have higher entry requirements, but the central location and academic environment attract many. Other high-scoring universities in the Complete University Guide's league include King's College London and City University London.

On The Outskirts

Deciding on whereabouts you'd like to be can often influence your decision. Choosing a campus that's easy to get to cheaply can save you money in the long run. If you want to get involved, but not too involved, in central London life, a university on the outskirts may just be for you. Brunel University is in Uxbridge, and boasts a wide range of courses. Middlesex University, in north
London, is another option if you'd rather not be bang in the middle of London, too.

Colleges and Specialisms

If you have a semi-clear idea of where you want to head career-wise, something more specific at one of London's colleges might be more your cup of tea. For example, a course at a school such as the London School of Business and Finance can give you the skills you need for the best possible start in the wild world that is life after education. London is also the home of many institutions that attract those with a clear specialism. Other examples of those providing specific sector courses include the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Royal College of Music and the Royal Veterinary College.

Opportunities for graduates is another aspect you may wish to find out about when narrowing down your choices; you can read about what some LSBF alumni thought about returning to work there after studying.

Living the London Life

Wherever you choose to spend the next few years of your educational journey, life in London is something you're sure to enjoy. Choosing a less-central institution can offer certain financial benefits, but either way, you certainly won't be bored.