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Monday, 17 March 2014

Her02 Hertz Student Discount

Hertz are now offering a fantastic student discount offer which means that students can get 15% off hired cars and 20% off vans. As a student, you are probably well familiar with the tight budgets and hardships of being a student in today’s society and so this discount is aimed to help students afford car rental. In order to be eligible and to benefit from Hertz Students, you must be aged 23 or over and you have to have held your driver’s licence for over a year.


Renting a car is a great opportunity to escape from your studies for a while. Sharing the cost with your friends is also a great idea as you can split the cost between all of you while having enough space on board for all of your luggage to save yourselves from dragging suitcases everywhere. Whether you need a vehicle to help you move in to or out of university accommodation, or you and your friends want to finally head on that adventurous road trip you have been planning for weeks, Hertz Student Discount is there to make your life that much easier.

Keep in mind that if you are 23 years old you will need to pay a YDS or Young Driver Surcharge when you pick up your vehicle so make sure to check out the table on Hertz to see the varying rates. The possibilities of travel are never limited with Hertz as you can pretty much go wherever you want and when you want. Taste freedom by hiring a car from Hertz and driving off into the sunset, whether that takes you to the United Kingdom horizon or further afield, anywhere is possible with Hertz. You and your friends could also rent a van which might be a better option if there is a larger group going so there is more room for all of your luggage.

On location, when you pick up your vehicle, you must remember to bring the following items: current student ID, driving licence and the credit card which you made the booking with.

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