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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Motors Most Deserving Student’s desire to find an individual truly deserving of the Most Deserving Student crown is over, so rest easily in your beds!

As probably the most well-known of the three Most Deserving Awards (the other two being given to the Most Deserving Local Hero and the Most Deserving Local business), nominations came in thick and fast and the choice of both the five finalists and the eventual winner was an incredibly close-run thing.

The winner is Julia Hebb, a mother of two, student and patient best friend who has achieved a great deal in her life, as while as instilling a sense of pride and determination in her children. Judging by her nomination story – sent in by her close friend, Gill – Julia is in no way short of determination herself.

So why did feel Julia Hebb to be the Most Deserving of all the finalists?

“Julia is my best friend, and has been since we were both 13 (we are now 37). Julia had her children when she was still in her teens, and they are two of the most amazing kids I know!”

Julia’s story is one of unbelievable grit and to determination to succeed against the odds and such is truly inspiring.

Of Julia’s ‘two amazing kids’ (as best friend Gill calls them), Tyler has shown a great deal of strength in dealing with the dual burden of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. This is no doubt due in part to Julia’s determination to have Tyler admitted to a mainstream school after having developed a method of teaching her son to speak that has also been proven to be effective in others with similar conditions.

Julia’s eldest child, Kelly, has proven herself a bastion of academic excellence after gaining a total of 14 A and A* grades at GCSE. Kelly is clearly a chip off the ol’ block as shown when Julia, age 34, decided to go back into to education to first gain the GCSEs she had originally missed out on, then to do a university access course, in order to gain entry to Salford University to study Nursing.

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