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Thursday, 5 September 2013

How to personalise and decorate your uni room on a budget.

Hello my names Kate and I’m a recent graduate myself from Staffordshire. Upon graduating I now blog about all sort of interiors , DIY projects and decor trends whilst also pursuing a career as a freelance illustrator over at

With the summer holidays having gone by it’s now that time of year for many of you to make your way to your university of choice. Whether you’re a new or current undergraduate moving into the halls or student accommodation it’s nice to actually make it feel a little bit more like home whilst you’re away during your studies.

Now hold right there you may be wondering how can I do this without costing me an absolute fortune? It really is easy to create your very own budget friendly decorated uni room and here you’ll find a mix of tips and advice to help you personalise your own space for the academic year ahead.
Do you have an Instagram account? Who doesn't - it’s a creative and exciting way of snapping quick shots of friends, family and anything whilst you’re on your travels that you can then edit in a style you like and share with your friends. There are a variety of online printers which allow you to upload your instagram photos and print them to different sizes, but if you have a printer handy yourself why not print your own? Create a wall arrangement like you see here and your instagram's and notes here and there really add a memorable personal touch to your room as well as keep you in the know of important dates and deadlines.
Whether you’re living in the halls or student accommodation to add a bit of
life to your space try adding unique styles, patterns and colours to your room. Whether you’re bringing items from home or eager to make your way to the shops, try to incorporate some different bedroom accessories such as bedding sets, throws, cushions , curtains and more to really add that personal touch and character to your bedroom.

For those of you who are quite creative, enjoy crafts or have a big interest in colour paper goods and stationary ever heard of washi tape? Washi tape is a really popular Japanese masking tape available in
different widths, patterns and colours and you can pretty much acquire it from a mix of craft stores online. If you not very good with a hammer and nails (or don’t want to knock any holes in the wall) why not use washi tape to embellish photographs or artwork to your walls.

The fact that washi tape is a masking tape means you can easily change the style of frames you make for each of your pictures, move things around and when it’s time to go back home at Easter or Christmas you can easily take them with you .

There are endless possibilities as to how you can decorate your student living space, it’s all in the colour, patterns, and accessories that really shout out about your own personal style and gives a great start off to the academic year ahead.

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