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Monday, 30 September 2013

Can't Find a Job? Keep Your Head Up!

The sole purpose of going to uni was to find a job, right? And during your three or four year uni life, you were probably optimistic about finding work after school. However, optimism can suddenly turn to fear if you’re unable to get a job.

You may start thinking of the worst. What if I have to move back home? What if I can’t repay my student debt? Will this affect my credit score?

Your fears are valid, but understand that it often takes time to find work after uni. With more and more people going to higher education, the job market is simply flooded - and sometimes, it can take six months to find what you’re looking for.

Don’t give up your efforts, and don’t panic either. There is plenty you can do as you wait for your dream job.

Volunteer with a local organization. Not only can this take your mind off your job worries, volunteering with a local organization can also provide work experience that looks good on your resume. If you didn’t have a job while in college, this might make some employers nervous. They may prefer an applicant who understands how an office runs. If you get some work experience - even if it’s only volunteer work - this can work in your favour and possibly open doors.

Look for an internship. When the job market is flooded, getting an internship is an excellent way to make use of your days. Like volunteer work, an intern can get your feet wet and help you acquire valuable work experience. But unlike a volunteer assignment, an intern may lead to a job offer. Many companies use internships as a way to recruit new employees. Do the job to the best of your ability and demonstrate that you’re a team player. At the end of your internship, you may have a job offer. Look for a paid internship, this can put extra cash in your pocket as you wait for permanent work.

Temp work. Signing up with a temp agency until you find full-time work also has its benefits. Temporary assignments can solve your immediate financial worries, and since these assignments are pretty flexible, this leaves time for job interviews and completing applications. And you never know, the temp agency may assign you to a company that’s looking for someone with your particular degree - the perfect opportunity to network and find permanent work.

Further your education. Okay, so the idea of going back to university may not be appealing. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, additional education might open the door to opportunities. If you’re working with a temp agency or part-time to make ends meet, consider getting an online degree. Founded in 1854, Bryant and Stratton University might be a good match. Thus, you can work on your Master’s degree at your own pace, which keeps your days free.

Finding a job after graduating isn’t always easy, but don’t let this discourage you. Positivity is the only way to stay motivated. Build your work experience, network and take additional courses - your efforts will pay off.

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