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Friday, 19 April 2013

Top 5 places to sell gadgets according to student reviews

We're always surrounded by it, using it and upgrading it – but what happens when the latest technology comes out and your old device takes a back seat? Selling your old phones, cameras, games consoles or laptops can be an amazing way to get some extra cash when your loan is coming to an end and your bank account is looking a little sore.

We’ve compiled this list from the consumer reviews on, a comparison website which allows you to compare the best recycle values for your gadgets simply by entering the make and condition into their search engine. Thousands of people trust the site every day, using it as a platform to find the best price for their old friend. The website directs you to the best recycle companies and shows you reviews for them, so you can make an informed choice about who you want to sell your phone to.

Here are the top 5 recyclers according to reviews:

Money 4 Machines

Excellent 10/10
8,647 customers went to recycle phones with them using
1 customer complained
(Source: store review)
Having been around for three years, Money4Machines has grown to become one of the highest rated gadget recyclers. CompareMyMobile directed this company when it first started, and with great prices paid for smartphones and other devices and a hugely high level of customer support – they leave clients with little to nothing to complain about.

Depending on your device they offer different prices, but don't accept anything broken or destroyed. One massive benefit to this company is customers who have the boxes etc get higher payouts.

You must sent the device with charger/battery (same as all recyclers), send the original box as well as instructions to add extra on to your machine's value. On top of this, if you decide to send your package through Royal Mail Special Delivery and keep the postage receipt, Money4Machines will pay the cash you deserve when they process your item.

Mazuma Mobile

Excellent 10/10
1,715 customers went to recycle phones with them using
0 customers complained
(Source: store review)


Mazuma Mobile is one of the original mobile recyclers and has always been one of the most popular. Not only have they paid out more than £90 million, they are also renowned for their customer service. Known for their speedy email communication and informative postage pack, they are definitely one of the clear favourites.

Their level of pricing often lets them down in comparison to other recycling companies – but this is a sacrifice they have probably made for their catchy TV adverts and customer-focused care. You also have the option to make a donation to a charity, if you're feeling especially generous.

Mobile Phone Xchange (source: store review)

Excellent 10/10
9,896 customers went to recycle phones with them using
0 customers complained
(Source: store review)


Similarly to Envirofone. Mobile Phone Xchange is one of the original recyclers and has grown to be a leading, established company. As well as paying out top recycle rates for old handsets and other gadgets, they also run and manage several white label websites and recycle solutions like Vodafone Recycle and Debenhams. This makes them experts in the field.

Free-post envelopes are provided much like many other mobile phone recyclers, and their postage system is fast and easy – but what sets them apart from the rest is their unique tracking system, so customers can see which stage their order is up to.


Excellent 8/10
1,871 customers went to recycle phones with them using
0 customers complained
(Source: store review)


Rated the number 3 recycler in 2012, Envirofone boasts over 1.5 million happy clients who received cash for their handsets. They're another strong leader in the mobile recycling market. Launching international sites, they are clearly growing by the year, helping more and more consumers cash in for their old mobiles.

They were also one of the first companies to partner with comparison engines. Again, on these websites you'll note that they do not always have the best price, but their straight forward, professional service does leave them high up in the review charts.


Excellent 8/10
4,876 customers went to recycle phones with them using
10 customer complained
(Source: store review)


On a different note to the recyclers above, Gadgets4Everyone specialise in buying old Apple mobile gadgets and outdated gaming consoles, as well as some phones. They accept products from a range of brands such as Microsoft, Apple, Sony and Nintendo and are known for providing more accurate prices. Despite starting off small, this company has clearly grown to be an honest organisation who are ready to deal with any problems in their live chat support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One aspect that may let them down is their website, as it is can be more complicated to get quotes for your goods. There is more than one method to discover the value of your item, and once the device has been identified, details of the condition also need to be submitted. Then again, this slightly more time-consuming way of entering details does give you that accuracy they are known for.

To conclude...
Companies such as this top 5 make recycling your old phones and gadgets simple, cost effective and easy. Although some say you might not get as much money as on other selling sites, at least with these companies you can rest assured that your phone is in good, green hands that support you from beginning to end. Head over to now to see how much money you could make – in as little as 48 hours you could be sat there with a smile on your face and cash filled pockets.

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