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Friday, 26 April 2013

Guide: How to get a get a great profit when selling your technology

We're all guilty of it – keeping hold of that old games console just in case we might want to play on it at some point. Or keeping those old mobile phones just in case that shiny new one breaks, as well as the back up. Eventually though there comes a time when you have to have a clear out – but how do you even begin to look?

There are so many ways to get cash for your old gadgets, you just have to decide which way works best for you. Let's face it, we all want a quick and easy way to make a few extra pounds, so however you do it needs to be simple and cost effective. Luckily for you we have written this all inclusive guide comparing the pros and cons of the best ways to do it. You're welcome.

Recycling – the green way

Mobile phone recycling companies are another brilliant way to get rid of old gadgets. They will provide you with a quote for the value of your phone depending on its model and condition, send you a package to post it off in and payment is given by the company when they receive your phone in full working order. Simple. Recyclers offer working and non-working prices for your handsets so it's worth checking them out.

The best thing to do is use comparison sites like which show you the most impressive deals from the most reliable recyclers, so you can get an idea of what your phone is worth.

  • This is super fast – you could get paid as soon as two days after placing your order
  • It's free to post
  • It's simple
  • There are lots of different ways to get paid so you can pick what is right for you
  • You can sell your broken devices (unless they are water damaged or destroyed)
  • If it is massively damaged (e.g. a smashed screen) you won't get as much money
  • eBay or ads can sometimes get you more money, but you won't get the same service!
  • High value items are always worth upgrading to Royal Mail Special Delivery – so that it's insured and you can track it all the way!
Selling on eBay


Ebay is probably the first site that springs to mind when you're looking for a quick way to make extra cash. Sites like this are a great way of selling your old technology. Users can quickly join up and list their gadgets, and you can choose to sell for whatever price you want.
However, you need to be aware of both sides of eBay and work out how much money you will actually make:

  • Bidding wars can boost the end price
  • Time scales can be set for your sales
  • You can sell your broken phones - some people will want them for parts to fix their
  • You can decide on the value you want for your item
  • Fees. Yes, make sure you read the small print. Listing fees can really take a chunk of your money.
  • Your item will not always sell.
  • Be aware of scam emails posing as eBay – never enter personal details to anywhere except for the official eBay site.
  • Be aware of scam emails posing as PayPal. Always log in to your PayPal account through the proper website to check your details.
Selling on free ad websites

Everyone loves having a little look online once in a while to see what they can get in their area, so classified ad sites can be brilliant for selling your gadgets. You can advertise on sites like Preloved or Gumtree for free by simply joining up and writing the details of the item you are trying to sell.

  • Like eBay – you can decide how much you want to charge
  • It is free as long as you don't want a super swanky advert
  • You can arrange a time and place that suits you to get your cash and hand over your gadget
  • Prepare for negotiation – people might be looking for a bargain
  • Beware of scam emails pretending they are the website
  • Beware again for scam emails posing as PayPal
  • Be careful of where you are meeting people – at the end of the day you have no idea who they are, take a friend
  • Don't post before you get paid – check your online banking or PayPal first

It's always best to consider your options, so first things first – check how much your phone could be worth for free on This is a great place to start to get a good idea of how much your phone is worth, even if you do decide to go with another option. Happy selling!

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