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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

3 simple steps to not get stung when selling your tech

There are around 40 millions unused phones, 12 million unused games consoles and 5.5 million unused laptops in houses across the UK. Just imagine what they means – we are basically just sitting on millions of pounds. It's not surprising that selling your gadgets online has become a popular phenomenon. But this isn't always without its catches – here are 3 simple steps to ensure you don't lose out when selling your stuff for extra cash.

1. Make sure you get the right price

There are many different ways of selling your unwanted technology – eBay, Gumtree or even being green and recycling. But you need to make sure which ever method you choose is going to get you the best value for money. Gumtree's perk is obviously the free advertising, but this isn't necessarily the most secure way of selling your stuff – make sure you meet people in a safe location and get your money before handing over your valuables. Ebay gives you a bit more protection in this area, as you can review the buyers and get the money before you send. But beware of fees eating into your profits - you could end up with less than you anticipated.

The best place to start is to use an independent recycle price comparison site like to ensure that you are totally clued up about price. This will give you a great idea of what recycle value to expect from your model – you can sell loads of gadgets and it's completely free. They will even send you a free postage pack to pop your device off in. As soon as they receive that you can get your much deserved cash. Be aware though, to get the most money your device will need to be in working condition. That means the battery works, the screen and buttons aren't damaged and there is no water damage. Although most recyclers will provide a working and non-working price for your phone.

2. Clear all of your stuff


However you choose to sell your gadgets, you should make sure that none of your personal details are available to the new user. Whoever they are, the last thing you want is someone routing around your emails, internet history, or photos from some embarrassing night out.

The best way to do this with your phone is to restore it to factory settings through the 'settings' menu. This will wipe the phone completely clean but don't forget to take out your memory card and SIM too. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and you can probably use both of these again in your new phone.

With computers, laptops and games consoles you should always wipe the hard drives. Formatting the drives is a good start, but this can leave recoverable traces of data. There are tools you can download which will completely erase any trace of your files, but always read online reviews before letting these loose on your laptop. You still want it to work afterwards!

3. Posting out your goods

Most recyclers will send out a free postage pack to send your valuables off in but, this won't be the case if you sell it on other websites. It is completely up to you how you want to send them - but a phone, laptop or camera obviously packaged in the post can be attractive to thieves, so it's important that you do it right.

With higher value items it is always recommended that you send if by Royal Mail Special Delivery. It will put you out of pocket by £5 but this insures you up to the value of £500 – meaning if your phone gets lost in the post or stolen, you are completely covered.

The safest way to do it is post your gadgets in strong packaging, switched off, secured and with your name and return address written obviously on the other side. Never post more than a couple of gadgets at the same time, as losing one valuable is not as bad as loosing the whole lot, and it's a lot more obvious if you send a big heavy bag across the country!

Thousands of people use the CompareMyMobile website every day and come away with heavier pockets and a smile on their face. By following these simple steps, you can easily sell your gadgets and make that extra cash that we're all just sitting on. Whether you're recycling your possessions or just selling them on other websites, just make sure you do it right and you won't get stung.

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