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Thursday, 13 September 2012

NUS Recommends Student Insurance from Endsleigh

Before you head off to university, one of the most important things you have to arrange is comprehensive insurance to protect your belongings. Even if you’re not new to being a student, for example if you’re returning to university for postgraduate study, you still need to protect your possessions and luckily can still take advantage of exclusive student policies. The modern student has a whole host of valuables to look after; your mobile phone, laptop, and multiple other gadgets all threatened by dangers such as accidental damage, loss, or theft. But where do you go when looking for insurance for students?

Endsleigh is the UK’s top student insurance provider, and comes highly recommended by the NUS the country’s National Union of Students. They offer comprehensive cover for student’s cars, gadgets, and other possessions whether you live in university halls or other rented accommodation. One of their most impressive services is the guarantee that should you lose an essential tool, like your laptop or mobile phone, Endsleigh will replace it within 24 hours after they accept your claim. That’s a real bonus when you desperately need those gadgets to continue with your studies and stay in contact with your friends and family.

To check whether Endsleigh can offer you a policy, simply visit their website at and enter your details. If eligible you can get an instant quote for whatever kind of cover you require. You can add all kinds of different items to one comprehensive policy ranging outside the basics like your phone and laptop to other valuable items like musical instruments and sports equipment. Even if you’re already ensconced at university it isn’t too late to arrange cover. If you live in a shared property you can even chat to you housemates to arrange to cover all your belongings under the same comprehensive policy.

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onesureinsurance said...

Student insurance can come in handy in more situations than you think, so before you head off to university you may want to think about taking out student insurance.