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Thursday, 23 August 2012

What do you mean, the washing machine is broken?

Audible groans from the kitchen. A loud sound of toecap connecting with washing machine. All to no avail. It is definitely not working. To make matters worse it’s full of soggy clothes, the door won’t open... and that T-shirt was meant to be cleaned and ironed (well, flattened a bit) ready for tonight’s big night out.

Easy solution, call the landlord... except as every student will know, getting hold of the landlord is not always easy, and the likelihood of getting some action within the next couple of hours is slim at best. (Perhaps that’s doing a great disservice to student landlords, but plenty of students are nodding with great understanding.)

Sometimes action is needed, and fast.

One solution is to get a professional in, asap. An appliance repairs company like Repair & Protect has engineers across the UK and a fixed price list, so you know where you stand – and if they can’t fix it then you don’t pay. Maybe your landlord will even thank you for getting it sorted on his/her behalf!

The lesson here is to look beyond the big bedrooms and comfy sofas when you view your next student house. Whilst it’s pretty boring to poke around the kitchen, having reliable appliances that do what they should is key to harmony with your flatmates. After all, if nothing goes wrong there’s no need for the ‘Who used this last and broke it’ conversation.

Also (still boring) check for signs of damp on the walls and ceilings as you could be accused of causing it yourself when you hand your keys back, and that means kissing goodbye to your precious deposit. It’s always worth taking photos of every room, and every appliance when you move in, so you have a record of the condition of all the contents you have inherited and any holes in the walls or marks on the carpets can’t be blamed on you.

Living out at uni is good fun; don’t let the good times be spoilt by bad times, bad landlords or bad washing machines!


John Witgoed said...

your best advice is to get a professional to repair the washing machine when simple solutions wouldn´t work. Great blog, will follow you!

Anonymous said...

The machine is not working means the washing machine needs a repair. The machine may have developed a breakdown in the coupling or the water hose. Generally the problem exists in the coupling area which produces such noise. The replacement of the part will result in working of the washing machine.

Shaun Mclain said...

This is nice information blog. Thanks for Sharing.

AAAASC said...

Good post. Getting a professional is always the best advice to ensure you get the full life out of your appliances.