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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Public sector career?

Whether you are starting out on your career or changing your career, it is very exciting but at times it can seem daunting because there are just so many avenues to go down.

Where do you begin? Why not with one of the biggest employers in the UK which happens to be the public sector, just think you’ll be working for the government. Did you know that the NHS is also the biggest employer in Europe with over a million employees? In a nutshell, all this means that there are plenty of career paths and plenty of options throughout the public sector, many of which are worthwhile and rewarding.

The choice of jobs within the public sector is vast and ranges from the civil service to social care, police to politicians, teaching to traffic control and the armed forces to the ambulance service.

One of the most important aspects of a smooth public sector are the support jobs that keep the whole ‘machine’ running smoothly. Amongst these care and health jobs are many departments to choose from:

Administrative staff are the back bone of any organisation and provide essential support. In the public care sector you will be supporting doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

Catering staff make sure that all the food and drink provided is full of the correct nutrients. They have to think about all the dietary requirements taking into account religions, cultures and allergies.

Domestic Services:
Have you ever thought about how our hospitals are cleaned? The organisation behind the operation is massive. You could be part of the team that keeps our hospitals and medical centres clean.

Caretakers cover a variety of jobs. They are based in hospitals, head offices, staff accommodation and health centres. Their responsibilities include making sure that all clinical waste is disposed of in the correct manner, building maintenance is scheduled and organised and that the traffic in the car park flows freely.

Security staff make sure that that we all feel safe in hospitals whether we are visiting, a patient or at work. They must also secure all buildings and ensure that all valuable equipment is protected.

To find worthwhile social care jobs, a great place to start is The best thing about them is that there aren’t any adverts from recruitment agencies so all the adverts are from employers who actually have social care vacancies. That means that your precious time is cared for because you will only be applying for genuine jobs.

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