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Friday, 30 March 2012

Standing out from the crowd

How is your application going to stand out from the crowd? Not by using incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation.
You’ve seen a job that you would like to apply for and now you are going to make your application.
Stop. Think about what the employer is looking for in a successful applicant before making your submission. Fast forward, and they now have an inbox brimming with applications. How is yours going to stand out from the crowd?
Employers are busy people and you need to grab their attention for the right reason. Your written application is probably the very first contact they have had from you. It only takes them a second to eliminate you and something as simple as one spelling mistake will consign you to the trash.
At StudentGems, we continue to emphasise the importance of checking and re-checking job applications. According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), more than half of all CVs received by recruiters contain spelling or grammatical errors, and the REC report that ‘graduates are twice as likely to make such mistakes as non-graduates.’
Let’s take a couple of recent examples from applications made through StudentGems for copywriting jobs.
1. ‘my names is [fred blogs] and im interested in becoming a writter’
2. ‘Hi I would like to apply for this job, as i feel not only my self, but your self would benifit as I am competant with my writing, research quickly and come up with origanal content’.
How did the applicants ever expect to get even an acknowledgement let alone an interview?
It doesn’t matter if the job is temporary, a one-off project, part-time or a full-time graduate job; the same rules apply. Our employers highlight poor spelling and grammar as the key cause of rejection.
An application must be immaculate, relevant and the perfect example of correctly written grammar, punctuation and spelling. Employers are looking for people who can represent their businesses. If you send in some half-hearted, sloppy and badly constructed application, you have just successfully consigned yourself to the 'reject without interview' pile.

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