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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A career in hospitality

Ever thought of a career in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism?
Eating and drinking is never going to go out of fashion so it has to be a good bet particularly if you are a people person. The hospitality industry already employs over two million people nationwide, which means that 1 in 14 jobs throughout the United Kingdom are in this sector. This is expected to grow so it’s got to be worth looking into it as a career option.
It was only when looking at that you realise just how many varied roles and career paths exist within the hospitality industry. The website states that they are “the ultimate resource for anyone interested in the dynamic hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industry”. On first sight, it certainly seems very comprehensive.
The resource section of the website shows you how many diverse opportunities there are within this this sector. There is so much succinct information on each of the 14 career areas, which encompasses all manor of options such as coffee shops, holiday centres, visitor attractions, tourism, travel, youth hostels, events, fast food, hotels, pubs & nightclubs, restaurants, gaming, membership clubs and food service management.
It is packed with case studies ranging from apprenticeships to activity instructors, bar managers to baristas, chefs to caterers and room service managers to travel writers plus so much more. It offers an excellent insight into all manner of real life experiences within the industry. The size of the businesses range from one-off restaurants to a small chain to massive global brands so there is plenty of choice on the size of business that you might want to join
The industry also takes training seriously so skills can be improved all the time, particularly in the areas of management and customer service. We all enjoy good customer service and are far more likely to recommend a place where we feel that we have been looked after properly. It’s good to know that an industry such as this offers the opportunity to personally improve all the time.
Plus there is a great opportunity to win a week’s work experience on the Orient-Express right now!

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