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Thursday, 14 April 2011

From StudentGems to Stardom?

If you’ve visited our YouTube channel you will have seen the video made by ITV West which they broadcast last year. It featured Saskia, one of our talented students who has been paying her way through uni by doing one-off jobs and projects, largely through StudentGems.

A talented writer, she has has had numerous copy writing, PR and design jobs through the site, but her first love is singing. She has just released her first single and the review in New Beats Media compares her to artists such as Lily Allen and describes her as ‘a promising young star’ and talks of her being propelled to stardom! Of course we could have told them that ages ago!

Want to listen? Free download here!

Well done Saskia, from everyone at StudentGems… remember us when you’re an internationally renowned diva!!
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