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Monday, 11 April 2011

Can you develop iPhone/Android apps? Apply here…

Ok, that could be slightly misleading because as you are reading this there may be no app-developing jobs currently posted on StudentGems.
But we are often asked for students who can develop apps for any or all of the mobile platforms and it seems that universities are lagging behind in equipping students with the hands-on skills that businesses want right now. I am very happy to be contradicted on this by any unis out there who are teaching app development (and also ask them to tell their students to register with us, so they can get paid experience and help SMEs into the bargain.)

Maybe it’s not a big enough area, maybe course content takes a while to change. Perhaps all those students with the right skills are fully occupied developing apps already! Whatever the reason, we have thousands of web developers/custom programmers signed up, but when an app needs building they all go strangely silent.
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