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Monday, 21 March 2011

This season's must have accessory... sales skills!

Sales: A dirty word or a potential gold mine?

Whatever your viewpoint there's no doubt that sales skills are invaluable. At some point you will need them, whether it's to sell yourself to a future employer or to sell widgets for a future employer.

So why do students (huge generalisation here...) shy away from sales jobs? Is it the fear of rejection?

Speak to any business person and they will recognise the value of sales skills. That doesn't necessarily mean being locked into a career as a sales exec, but just think of what you gain by developing sales skills: Negotiation, communication, tenacity, commercial awareness, product knowledge, time management, persistence, self-motivation, the list could go on and on.

As part of your job hunting, not only would you be able to claim you have these attributes, you would be able to give really good examples to prove you have them. Anyone who has been through the recruitment process will know the importance of being able to answer the question "can you tell me about a time when you..."

We have plenty of sales jobs on StudentGems and to be quite honest there are never as many applicants as there should be. Given the very real benefits of having commercial sales experience on your CV, maybe you should think of adding it to your profile now!

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