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Friday, 23 October 2009

Studentgems - mining the wealth of student talent

You just have to look through some of the amazing student profiles on studentgems to realise what a mine of student talent we have. The ever-deepening student talent pool of uncut diamonds offers 76,000 skills and services between them.
Recent research carried out by us, reveals that 79% of all university students work whilst studying to support themselves. Over half are juggling the hours in the day to fit in both their job and their lectures. Some students are working more than 20 hours each week. A massive 3 out of 4 students suggest that their job commitment is disruptive to their academic studies but they have no choice as 42% of students receive no financial help. It is no surprise that the majority of student jobs are working in bars and waiting on tables. Only 3% of students are actually working in jobs that relate to their courses.
Students can do so much more than pulling pints and taking orders. In fact, everything from blogging to bridal hairdressing, animation to fantasy illustration, calligraphy to catering and translations of endless languages. Then of course there is website design, logo design, garden design, interior design and jewellery design. You can even have your i-pod uploaded and be taught from a range of hi-tech tutors including Twitterers to cheerfully bring the terminally unenlightened into the twenty-first century.
We have a wealth of student talent in the UK and it is something to shout about.

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