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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Drink, eat, meet your future boss

University societies can be useful to you in so many ways, for meeting new people, learning new drinking games and potentially meeting your graduate employer! David Langer, a successful entrepreneur has written an excellent article explaining the value of University societies and networking. His straight forward advice can be broken down into the following stages:
  1. Choose an industry (or if you are unsure 2 or 3 industries) you are interested in working in and join the related societies at your Uni.
  2. Attend the socials, networking and careers events arranged by the society.
    At the events talk to your peers about what they want to do, talk to people in the industry and the recruiters about your options and what they do and are looking for. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TALK TO PEOPLE!
  3. Hopefully by this stage you will have decided which industry you prefer so speak to some of the people in the industry who you got along with about work experience and/or graduate opportunities. If you apply for a job and HR receive a recommendation email from someone in the company your chances will increase one hundred fold.
  4. Join the committee of the society in your 2nd or final year where you can demonstrate organisation and commitment qualities as well as working with potential employers to organise events, getting to know them and demonstrating how you would be an asset to their company.

For more information have a look at the article by clicking here.

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