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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Top Choice Teaching

Well in one sense some of the government's problems will be getting easier over the next few years. The top Graduate Career choice in 2009 has been teaching, for the first time ever, which should sort out the teacher shortage the UK has been facing. However, I would say that is a small consolation for the rest of this years graduates.

26% of the 16,000 students interviewed by High Fliers have chosen to undertake further study in order to improve their employability and delay entering the depressed UK job market. But what about those who cannot afford the extortionate tuition fees and find money to live?

Students with definite job offers, following the application process October to February, have dropped by 1/3 compared to last year, despite the number of applications having risen considerably. Furthermore, 36% of students due to graduate this year do not expect to find a graduate job and 48% expect to be made redundant within their first year of work. What ever the actual state of the market, students are not optimistic. In addition, for the first time in 14 years the expected starting salary for a graduate has fallen.

So just to clarify, the liklihood of finding the ideal job is lower than last year, if a graduate job is found the salary will be lower than last year and the average student debt is approximately £5,000 higher than last year.

For more information go to the High Fliers Website.

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