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Monday, 6 April 2009

Say one thing, do another...

"This summer, universities across England will axe hundreds of courses, mostly those aimed at people from the local area, and those that retrain people for a new career. Manchester University's courses for the public, which have 1,000 students every term, will close their doors, as will Reading University's public programmes. Other universities will stop teaching courses that largely have a non-traditional intake - older students who may already have a qualification in another subject."

"It is the result of a decision by ministers in 2007 to refuse funding for anyone who already has a qualification of equal status, referred to as ELQ (equivalent and lower qualification) students. It means, for example, that anyone with a first degree (BA) who wants to take a BA in another subject will have to pay full fees - making this a luxury for the very rich only."

Given the recession, the Government were all for re-educating the unemployed, and helping them attain degrees...thus making them more employable. Well it seems that some of the decisions on the funding of these courses, and more importantly to stop running some courses that have a largely 'non-traditional' intake, will actually make it harder for the unemployed to be retrained. It will be more expensive for the potential students, and universities are being deterred from taking on 'non-traditional' students.
I fail to see how the Governments decisions, and the Governments aims are compatible. Hmph.

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