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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Think Big, Start Small

More and more people in the North East of England have decided to do exactly that. Business Link in the North East helped set up 4,000 new businesses last year, a phenomenal rise. There are believed to be several reasons for this trend which include the decline in traditional forms of employment in heavy industry in the North East which tended to be ‘jobs for life’ and the decline in any other available jobs.

In the North East there is a great deal of optimism for the future of the regional economy. Despite the fact that not all the new businesses will be a success some will grow to become employers. The increase in the variety and number of businesses in the region should also help to attract more established businesses to the region. This will also help drive the economy and create jobs.

If you have an idea which is innovative or does not exist in your region why not give it a go? Now is the best time to try and you can find someone to design your website and logo, do copywriting and build up customer relationships on at a fraction of the cost of market prices.

Small businesses entering the market helps increase competition, driving down prices and improving product quality and can create employment opportunities. In the short term they will help the economy recover which in the long term will benefit everyone. So, if you want to save the economy, set up a small business!

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