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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Small Businesses Beat The Recession

Small and medium businesses looking to beat the recession should register on Employing students as freelancers can cut costs and help broaden your market. College and University students are being trained with the latest methods and technologies and can bring a fresh perspective to your business. This may help you to increase your appeal to the youth market, or a particular culture or in a particular industry, in which they have knowledge and experience. By taking on students for temporary work you can gauge their suitability for your business and then decide whether you want to work with them further.

It is absolutely free to register on and you can post a job or search through students you think might be suitable, based upon their profiles, without paying a penny! You only start paying when you wish to contact a suitable candidate and once you have paid you can contact as many students within that period as you want. So if you have a few jobs which need doing, whether they are related directly to your business or you need someone to walk your dog once a week, you can find someone for them all and only have to pay the once!

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