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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

On A Lighter Note...

I wish that was a lovely pun, saved for a musical orientated post. Ah well.

At the weekend, a program called "Important Things With Demetri Martin" was recommended to me. And on viewing I can see why. I won't turn this blog into a review, but I thoroughly enjoyed the comical take on words such as 'Power', and 'Cool'...and what these words can mean to us.

More news in relation to student fees, there have been calls for free degrees for people made jobless in the recession.

Million+, which represents new universities across the UK, says allowing some people to enrol on higher education courses for free would cost the government £400m, but would bring in revenue of £523m.
That sounds rather impressive. However, if students leaving university this year will struggle to gain employment, how will those made unemployed benefit from a degree? Unless they replace the current crop of Uni leavers. Which just hinders students chances of getting a job when we leave university, and after getting a degree that we pay for!

Free degrees would obviously benefit many, but they are always going to be at someones expense. And it seems once again it would be fee paying students.

Degrees don't create more jobs!

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