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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hey Students, Fancy More Debt?

Apparently, university vice-chancellors think that a £2,000 rise in university tuition fees would not deter potential students.
I have no idea where they get this impression from. Most students are uneasy with the fact that they'll leave university £18,000 in debt, let alone paying £2,000 more each year.

Rick Trainor has said, "By some means or other, more money needs to be put into teaching and learning if we are to meet rising expectations of students."


To be honest I'm not entirely sure what my massive amount of debt is paying for at the moment. I'm pretty sure that paying more will result in the same teaching. And currently we have to buy all materials/ books etc separately anyway.

I want to know how increased tuition fees would help students. Without the fluffy words that seem to be hiding the fact that the government just want more money from us.

Read the article here and decide.

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Anonymous said...

YES PLEASE... hmm, I think not!!