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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Transfer to Durham?

Graduates from Durham University are being offered £2,000 to stay on and research rather than try to find their first job during the recession!

It has been clear for a while that there would be intense competition for jobs among graduates this year, due to the lack of available jobs during the ‘credit-crunch’. This has lead to the possibility of more students applying for post-graduate courses.

The University will award 102 scholarships of £2,000. This will apparently be available for most Masters Courses.

Prof Forster stated, "It's also about keeping the brightest and best at Durham and in the North East, but we want our graduates to go on and get the best jobs wherever they are."

The chance to gain a Post Graduate Degree, with a scholarship is great, and being encouraged to further our academic knowledge is also positive. But what is being missed is that it will result in more debt due to living costs, and monthly fees. The thought that this is OK because of the worth of a Post Graduate Degree is also misguided, as its worth will diminish with the more people that gain one.

In my opinion, this is not a solution, it merely avoids the problem.

Maybe I'm wrong? I'd love feedback as the credit crunch is a problem for all.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, I think it is a good idea if they make sure that the scholarships are awarded to departments across the board and do not flood any one particular research area. This will mean that people will not be competing against each other for jobs and will important research will be carried out. I think it is a delicate balance but if they get it right £2000 would be a big help to students disregarding post-graduate qualifications because they can't afford it.