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Monday, 23 February 2009

A Slight Rant About The State Of My Finances

I stumbled upon a University Rankings Table, provided by the Guardian.

1. OxfordGuardian score/100: 100
2. CambridgeGuardian score/100: 92.9
3. London School of EconomicsGuardian score/100: 84.4
4. WarwickGuardian score/100: 81.6
5. St Andrews

The full table can be found here.

I was also mildly happy to see that the student loans interest rate for Income Contingent Loans has been reduced to 2.0%. I'm only mildly happy though, as being a student I believe that our loans shouldn't be racking up interest whilst we aren't earning enough to repay the debts. This view became particularly clear for me last year when I was shocked to discover I had to pay for my dental check ups and prescriptions etc., as the government view my loan as income- and so I 'earned' enough to pay for treatment. It seems sometimes as though everything is aimed at taking our money! Even when it's not ours forever.

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