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Monday, 2 February 2009

Facebook plans to profit from private data

The wonders of snow. I had the joy of a free morning, with no lectures.

It seems amazing that Britain encounters some snow, and schools and universities close, buses stop running and so forth. How inconvenient. It's times like these that we can be thankful for the internet.

An article in the Telegragh yesterday reported on how facebook plans to exploit the vast amount of personal data it holds on over 150m users.
Information from marital status to preferences will be available to multinational companies, allowing them to selectively target members to research the appeal of new products.
This exploitation comes as a result of facebook struggling to gain money from advertising, and I feel it is understandable that a networking site with the size and potential of facebook should want to capitalise financially. However, is it immoral to allow companies access to target people based on their personal information? Or is it a clever financial move by facebooks' founder Mark Zuckerberg, which doesn't actually affect our privacy?

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