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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

'Universities try new grading plan'

Browsing the internet a few days ago I came across an interesting article about the proposed idea to try new grading plans in universities- firstly to be tested in 18 institutions around the country from September 2009. The thinking behind this change is to give further insight into students performance in individual modules and assignments.

The article stated that 'there have been concerns that too many students were being awarded a 2:1 degree - and that employers did not have enough information from degree levels to distinguish between job applicants.'

The theory of the new grading system seems to be fair enough, but I wonder whether it will jeopardise students who may have an 'off day' and appear weak in a particular subject area, or students who are consistent but fail to show a particular strength?

I know personally I have certain modules that I am stronger at, and hope that similar students under the new system will not appear 'erratic'. We shall see...

The pilot scheme will run along side the current grading system, and the current grades could be supplemented by additional information about students' results and coursework.

The trial subjects are English, biology, accounting and creative arts.

The institutions are University of Leicester; Goldsmiths, University of London; University of St Andrews; University of Manchester; Newcastle University; University College London; University of Aberystwyth; University of Northumbria; University of Wales Institute, Cardiff; University of Derby; University of Northampton; University of Gloucestershire; University of Greenwich; Keele University; University of Ulster; University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury; York St John University; and Newman University College.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thats interesting, especially where degrees have compulsory modules which individuals may not want to pursue as part of their career. However, it may lead to students working very hard on areas they are particullarly interested in and not bothering with those areas that at the time they are not.